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HyperRESEARCH Basics Webinar Replay

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The following four part recorded webinar covers an introduction to the basics of using HyperRESEARCH for code and retrieve based qualitative research. Each part should be viewed in order and is best viewed full screen.

The slide deck used in the introduction can be downloaded from here.


See also our HyperRESEARCH Intermediate videos.


HyperRESEARCH Basics - Part 1


HyperRESEARCH Basics - Part 2


HyperRESEARCH Basics - Part 3


HyperRESEARCH Basics - Part 4


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Do You Know...

... that in HyperRESEARCH you can use keyboard shortcuts to code audio and video? Just play your source file while listening and/or watching. When you come to the starting point of a segment you want to code, press Control-[ (if you use Windows) or Command-[ (if you use Mac OS X). Continue playing the segment, and when you reach the end of the part you want to code, press Control-] or Command-]. Your chosen segment is now selected, ready to have a code applied!

(This tip can be particularly helpful when you have a long source file and it's difficult to place the play head precisely enough at the spot you want to code. Using the keyboard shortcuts lets you code interactively, without fiddling with the controls on the screen.)
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