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Cross-Platform Qualitative Analysis Software

HyperRESEARCH™ enables you to code and retrieve, build theories, and conduct analyses of your data. With its advanced multimedia capabilities, HyperRESEARCH allows you to work with text (including "rich text" and Unicode text), graphics, audio, and video sources — making it an invaluable research analysis tool.

HyperRESEARCH is a solid code-and-retrieve data analysis program, with additional theory building features provided by the Theory Builder.

HyperRESEARCH has been in use by researchers in the social sciences and other fields since it was first introduced in 1991. The latest version incorporates features and interface design decisions inspired by years of feedback from our customers and reviewers.

HyperRESEARCH is fully cross-platform. You can exchange your study files and sources with other HyperRESEARCH users on your team, whether they use Mac OS X or Windows.

Free Download

Free Limited Edition Available: Perfect for Teaching or Trying Before You Buy

The free edition of HyperRESEARCH has all features enabled with no time limit. The only limitation is the number of codes and cases that can be used in a study:

  • The Code List is limited to 75 codes.
  • A study is limited to 7 cases.
  • Each case can have no more than 50 code references.

These limits make this free edition suitable for teaching the basics of qualitative research without requiring students to purchase the full package. And of course you can "try before you buy." When you're ready to purchase the full version, simply order your license key, enter it into your already-installed copy of the HyperRESEARCH Free Limited Edition to fully enable it, and you're ready to go with the full power of HyperRESEARCH at your fingertips.

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HyperRESEARCH Provides:

Easy-to-use Interface: HyperRESEARCH offers the same intuitive case-based interface on all supported platforms. Our customers tell us that HyperRESEARCH is so easy to learn and use that it lets them focus more on their research, and minimizes the need for costly workshops and further software instruction. It provides a turn-key solution by employing a built-in help system and several tutorials with step-by-step instructions. The functional simplicity and reliability of the software combined with its powerful advanced features make HyperRESEARCH an excellent tool for qualitative researchers at any level.

Flexible Methodologies: HyperRESEARCH supports Case-base or Source-based qualitative methodologies or combinations. With flexible organization of codes from any source to any case and support for code frequencies and other code statistics, HyperRESEARCH is ideal for mixed-method approaches to qualitative research.

Fully Cross-Platform: The latest version of HyperRESEARCH is designed from the ground up to work well on Microsoft Windows® and Apple's Mac OS X®. We deliver a consistent experience on both platforms while adhering to the conventions users expect on each. The HyperRESEARCH study file format and all of the various media types supported will work equally well regardless of which operating system you use.

Multilingual Text Support: HyperRESEARCH 3.0 supports the Unicode text standard, so your source files can include text using different alphabets and non-alphabetic writing systems. Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, and almost all written languages are supported by Unicode.

Comprehensive Code-and-Retrieve Functions: HyperRESEARCH allows you to select any chunk of text (from 1 character to an entire file) and apply any number of code names to the chunk. Recall your codes by name, or select them based on proximity to other codes. View codes in context, in the margin of your Source Text window; or create an exportable report that organizes the specific data you ask for by case or by code name. Reports can be hyperlinked back to the original source material.

Code Groups: This powerful new feature lets you organize codes in groups and subgroups. Codes can be grouped together as a set, can be included in more than one group, and can be nested, with groups containing other groups.

Code Annotation and Descriptions (Memoing): Select a code reference on a case card, click the Annotate button, and add up to 64,000 characters of information per reference. Use the Code List Editor to enter a code definition for any of your master codes. Great for quick reference when decided exactly which code to apply to a source chunk — especially when several researchers are working on the same study.

Flexible Autocoding: Autocode multiple sources to multiple cases, looking for multiple phrases in a single pass. Specify a number of characters, words, or lines before and/or after the found phrases to be included in the chunk selected for autocoding.

Code Mapping: Use the Code Map to graphically represent relationships between your codes. Filter codes based on those relationships.

Theory Builder: Unique to HyperRESEARCH is its Theory Builder (originally "Hypothesis Tester"), which applies rule-based "expert system" techniques to perform in-depth analyses of your coded data to see whether the coding supports your hypothesis.

Shared Work Flow: Collaborative teams working on the same study can use the Import feature to create a “master” study file that includes all the work done on the study. This all-inclusive study file can then be redistributed to the team, if desired, for further coding or for analysis. You can export and import Code Book data so everyone's using the same code names. And because all of HyperRESEARCH's files are fully cross-platform, it doesn't matter which operating system your teammates use.

Customizable Welcome Screen: A new and improved welcome screen gives you quick access to most-used features, including recently opened studies, the Help system, and ResearchWare's customer support website. The Welcome screen is customizable, giving instructors a great way to provide immediate access to specified study files in a lab environment. In conjunction with the Free Limited Edition, this provides a solution for instructors teaching the basics of using qualitative software at no cost to the institution.

Multi-Media Capabilities: HyperRESEARCH allows you to work with text, graphics, audio, and video source material in any of these popular formats:


Format Description

File Extension


Plain Text


HyperTRANSCRIBE File with Related Media


Rich Text Format1


Hyper Text Markup Language1

.htm / .html

1 These features are mainly intended to support styled text, and not all parts of the RTF or HTML specifications are supported. Non-text items such as images, tables, or stylesheets may not appear.


Windows Bitmap


Graphics Interchange Format (89a)


Joint Photographic Experts Group

.jpg or .jpeg

Portable Network Graphics


Macintosh PICT Format


Portable Bitmap Graphics





Audio Interchange File Format•

.aif or .aiff

MPEG-1 Layer-3*


QuickTime Audio*


Windows WAVE*


Sun AU



Video for Windows*


DV video stream file


Motion Picture Experts Group*

.mpg or .mpeg

QuickTime Video*


Animated GIF 89a files*


* Requires QuickTime 7.0 or later.

Technical Specs

Minimum System Requirements

Windows Windows

OS Mac Logo Mac OS

- Windows 2000 SP4/XP/Vista/7/8
- 512 MB memory or more
- 40 MB free disk space or more
- 800 x 600 display resolution or better
- Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (including Yosemite)
- 512 MB memory or more
- 40 MB free disk space or more
- 800 x 600 display resolution or better


Linux LogoHyperRESEARCH for GNU Linux

ResearchWare is evaluating the feasibility of releasing a version of HyperRESEARCH for GNU Linux. We have the tools to deliver it - we just need to know you want it.

If your organization would be interested in purchasing copies of HyperRESEARCH for GNU Linux, please use this form to let us know. Once we see sufficient interest in HyperRESEARCH for GNU Linux, we'll notify you by email to let you know its projected release date and invite you to help test it.


Who Uses HyperRESEARCH?

  • Social Sciences: Assists with performing qualitative analysis of textual or multimedia data collected during intensive or focus-group interviews. Allows researchers from several projects or the same project to merge their data.


  • Marketing and Political Research: Quickly analyzes major themes from focus group data to ascertain the major issues or themes that emerge from group discussion.


  • Medicine: Assists with medical diagnoses by enabling doctors and nurses to look for common elements across clinical cases. Multimedia analysis of clinical data adds important information for clinical diagnosis and provides powerful multimedia presentation of clinical cases for classroom teaching.


  • Law: Enables lawyers to analyze court transcripts and records.

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