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Researchware, Inc.

Simply Powerful Tools for Qualitative Research

Deliver Value To Your Customers

reseller-bigstock-36361279Powerful... Easy to Use... and Flexible.
Start re-selling Researchware tools to your customers today and offer them a pathway to faster and easier research practices.


ResearchWare offers Resellers a fixed 25% discount.

Please note that Resellers that generate no sales within a 12 month period may have their Reseller status canceled. A reseller whose status is canceled is welcome to reapply as a ResearchWare Reseller at any time.

Credit (Purchase orders)

ResearchWare, Inc. will extend credit terms for new Resellers only to Academic Institutions (K-12, Colleges, and Universities). Non-Academic Institution Resellers who generate sales during their first year are eligible for credit terms upon request once the first year is completed.

Payment on Purchase Orders is Net 30 days from invoice date. Delinquent payment may result in revocation of Reseller status.


ResearchWare offers Reseller discounts on Commercial, Government/Nonprofit, and Educational tiers of our current product line. (Our special Student pricing is available directly to individual students, and is not eligible for resale.) It is the responsibility of an authorized Reseller to ensure that the Reseller's customer(s) meet eligibility requirements for the pricing tier ordered from. (See our eligibility and pricing for details.)

Our current products offered in each tier include: