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Start re-selling Researchware tools to your customers today and offer them a pathway to faster and easier research practices.

Promotional Banners

You can use any of the following banner graphics on your site to promote the ResearchWare products you resell. If you are using a content management system for your web site, such as Joomla, Wordpress, etc, such systems often have banner management tools. Follow the instructions for those tools to link the banner images below.

If your web site has no built in support for banner advertisements, you can include the following HTML code.

<img src="/URL" alt="alt" />

Just replace URL with the desired banner link below. So a sample banner link for HyperRESEARCH would be:

<img src="" alt="alt" />


Banner Image for HyperRESEARCH

HyperRESEARCH Banner


Banner Image for HyperTRANSCRIBE



Banner Image for HyperBUNDLE

HyperBUNDLE Banner



Our product images are also available to resellers for their own promotion of our products.


hR-1-12 resized



hT-1-12 resized