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ResearchWare Releases HyperRESEARCH 2.8


ResearchWare Releases HyperRESEARCH 2.8, offers promotional bundle with HyperTRANSCRIBE

BOSTON, Massachusetts - June 14, 2007
ResearchWare, Inc. today released HyperRESEARCH 2.8, a multi-platform software package for qualitative analysis research. The new version features enhanced support for Windows Vista and Intel-based Macintosh computers, and includes improvements to reporting and printing features, broader support for contextual menus, and more.

HyperRESEARCH is used by researchers in social science research, psychology, usability, and corporate marketing to identify and analyze patterns and trends among qualitative data from a variety of media file types, including text, images, audio and video. Using intuitive tools like case cards, codes and annotations, HyperRESEARCH is popular for its ease of use. It remains one of the few qualitative research products actively developed for both Mac OS and Windows platforms. HyperRESEARCH study and source files are fully cross-platform so users can trade work regardless of which operating system they're using.

Enhancements in HyperRESEARCH 2.8 include:

* The Windows version has been enhanced for improved compatibility with Windows Vista.

* The Mac version is now in Apple's Universal Binary format for significantly improved performance on Apple's Intel-based computers.

* A new Code Frequency Report allows you to instantly review code frequency as well as the maximum, minimum, mean, and standard deviation of each code's distribution among the cases in your study.

* All other reports have been enhanced to allow more control over the layout of the material.

"The new Frequency Report feature has been enormously helpful," said Denice Enonomou, Senior Research Specialist at City of Hope National Medical Center. "We very much appreciate ResearchWare's dedication to listening to customers like us and delivering very useful additions that make a positive difference in our work."

HyperRESEARCH 2.8 is available for download at the publisher's Web site: <>.

The freely downloadable version of HyperRESEARCH 2.8 has all features enabled with no time limits. Without a purchased registration code the only restrictions are limits on the number of codes and cases in the study, making the free version suitable for evaluation and teaching. A single-user license costs US$370, with discounts available for volume purchases and grad students. Registered users of HyperRESEARCH 2.0 or later can upgrade to version 2.8 for free. See the ResearchWare Web site at <> for details.

Customers can now purchase HyperRESEARCH in a promotional bundle with HyperTRANSCRIBE, ResearchWare's software for transcribing audio and video. HyperTRANSCRIBE sells for US$99 when sold separately, but this special bundle offer delivers both products for only $399, a savings of $70.

HyperRESEARCH 2.8 requires Windows NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista or Mac OS X 10.3 or later, with a minimum of 128 MB total memory and 20 MB disk space.

About ResearchWare, Inc.
ResearchWare, Inc. develops cross platform software products for researchers doing qualitative analysis. Founded in 1991, the company remains committed to the ongoing development of its flagship product, HyperRESEARCH, while developing other software products for academic and corporate research markets. <>.

Press Contact:
Ann Dupuis
ResearchWare, Inc.
(781) 961-3909

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