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Introducing the new Mixed Methods Importer Tool for HyperRESEARCH

Researchware is pleased to announce the release of our new Mixed Methods Importer tool for HyperRESEARCH.

The Mixed Methods Importer tool allows you to import data from a spreadsheet or other data table into a HyperRESEARCH study. The imported data may be quantitative, qualitative, or a mix (e.g. results from a survey containing quantitative variables with qualitative content from open-ended questions). HyperRESEARCH uses the data to create cases and a code book, and auto-codes the quantitative variables and qualitative content.


How does it work?

By reading each row of data from your data file and creating a text source file for that row, it automatically generates a source file that is then coded in accordance with the settings you select. The coding, with links to the source material, is saved to a HyperRESEARCH study file for use in HyperRESEARCH.

See the Mixed Methods Importer in action:


Click here for additional information on use of the Mixed Methods Importer tool, data file requirements import setup, and import options.

Updated January 18, 2015:

Note: HyperRESEARCH version 3.7.1 (the current version) includes the Mixed Methods Importer in the Tools menu with no additional installations required. You can download the latest version of HyperRESEARCH for Mac or Windows here:

          Automatically build a study from your survey data

          Create a case for each respondent (or whatever field in the survey data you choose to be used as "Case Name")

          Create a text source file for each case, with the survey labels and responses for that case in the text file

          Add code groups to your code book (one Code Group for each survey data field you flag to be treated as a "Filter") (e.g. "Employment Status")

          Add Codes containing the variable responses to your "Filter" data fields to your code book (e.g. "Employment Status - Employed") and to the relevant code group

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