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Researchware Cofounder explores ways to Enhance Credibility in Randomized Control Trials

Researchware cofounder, Dr. Sharlene Hesse-Biber, explores was to "Weaving a Multimethodology and Mixed Methods Praxis Into Randomized Control Trials to Enhance Credibility" in a new article for the December 2012 issue of Qualitative Inquiry (Qualitative Inquiry (vol. 18, no. 10, pp876-889). As Sharlene explains in the abstract, "Most disciplines within the health and social sciences regard randomized control trials (RCTs) as the "gold standard" of evidence-based practice (EBP). The move toward mixed methods within evidence-based research has proven daunting to many researchers, and few best practices for RCT mixed methods studies currently exist. This article provides some strategies for incorporating mixed methods into RCT designs. Furthermore, the author argues for the value of also infusing a multimethodological approach into RCT mixed methods projects to further offer research strategies for enhancing the credibility of RCT research findings through, for example, incorporating participants' lived experiences and methodological reflexivity into the research process. The bulk of this article presents four case studies that analyze how researchers in diverse fields have taken a multimethodological praxis into account in their RCT mixed methods projects, including the integration of a mixed methods multimethodological component into RCT research designs. The author also addresses the missed opportunities in these studies to maximize the validity of RCT projects by using mixed methods and multimethodological designs." If you are not a subscribe of Qualitative Inquiry, you can obtain the full PDF of the article on line here.

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