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HyperRESEARCH Assesses Positive Classroom Practice

At the 7th International Scientific Conference on eLearning and Software for Education, held in Bucharest in April 2011, author Jose Manuel Sáez López utilized HyperRESEARCH for studying the "Effective Use of Information And Communication Technologies: Assessment of The Positive Impact of Slide Show Applications in Classroom Practice". 

In the paper's abstract, the author notes "Nowadays, there are a large number of computer applications that give us great potential in educational practice. Alan November, at its 2006 conference asked if we have maximized the resources that we already have, a statement that hints at the tendency of teachers to demand more resources without exploiting the existing equipment. According to Ertmer et al (1999), teachers with fewer intrinsic barriers exhibit less barriers of the first order, so we focus on overcoming the intrinsic factors of teaching and pedagogical intent combined with an active methodology. The study conducted reveals that teachers have a positive assessment of the use of technologies and they use slide shows programs by 47%. These programs have interesting possibilities that are not being used enough in classroom. In short, from data obtained in this study, we estimate that the contributions proposed are considered adequate for effective implementation of technologies, leveraging existing resources. We consider the importance of teacher training programs and progressive implementation from simple to more complicated applications. Using this type of program emphasizes active learning methodology in which students develop digital competence, synthesis, and abilities to present their work orally."

The full PDF of the paper is available online here.

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