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HyperRESEARCH unveils Benefits of Online Discussion Forums for Teaching Instructional Design

HyperRESEARCH is utilized in qualitative research around the globe. Turkish researchers Bahar Baran (Dokuz Eylul University) and Esra Keles (Karadeniz Technical University) used HyperRESEARCH for the qualitative portion of a mixed methods study of online discussion forums in teaching Instructional Design. Their paper, entitled "Case Study Discussion Experiences of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies Students about Instructional Design on an Asynchronous Environment", is published in The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology (January 2011, volume 10 Issue 1).

They note that "the aim of this study is to reveal opinions and experiences of two Computer Education and Instructional Technologies Departments' students about case study discussion method after they discussed in online asynchronous environment about Instructional Design (ID). Totally, 80 second year students, 40 from Dokuz Eylul University and 40 from Karadeniz Technical University, participated to the study. Communication among students was managed via discussion lists. The data were collected with questionnaire, written reports, observations and interviews. The findings indicated that this learning environment made a positive effect on ID knowledge of students. In addition, students stated limitations and positive results of discussing in asynchronous learning environment. Lastly, students suggested some opinions to make this environment more efficient and effective."

The full PDF of the article can be downloaded by clicking here.

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