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HyperRESEARCH fights Terrorism

Javier Martin-Peña, Álvaro Rodríguez-Carballeira, Jordi Escartín, Clara Porrúa (all of the Universidad de Barcelona), and Miranda Olff (of the University of Amsterdam), authors of "Taxonomy of the Psychosocial Consequences Caused by the Violence of Persecution of ETA's Network," used HyperRESEARCH to analyze the effects of the harrassment from terrorism.

The paper appears in The Spanish Journal of Psychology (2011, Vol. 14 No. 1, 172-182) and "delimits and analyzes the effects of the harassment perpetrated by ETA's terrorist network in the Basque Country. The aim was to provide a taxonomy of the consequences of psychological violence and to validate this taxonomy, by means of a content analysis of 37 testimonies of victims of terrorist violence. The taxonomy of consequences of psychological violence is made up by four components: 1. the effects on the context of the persons affected, 2. on their emotional state, 3. on cognition and 4. on behavior. Results show a predominance of contextual consequences and negative cognitions. Intra-observer and inter-observer reliability analysis showed high stability and reproducibility coefficients. This study shows that harassment and psychological violence have major consequences not only for victims but also for family members, threatened collectives and even the society as a whole."

The full PDF of the paper can be downloaded by clicking here.

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