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HyperRESEARCH helps build Spirtual Workplaces

Anita L. Beckwith chose HyperRESEARCH for the qualitative study supporting her 2010 dissertation on "Transcendental leadership in action: An exploration of how self-identified transcendental leaders build a culture of workplace spirituality" at Capella University. The dissertation abstract elaborates on this study on building spritual workplaces:

"Researchers who specialize in the area of spirituality in the workplace have concluded that the presence of transcendental leadership and workplace spirituality maybe essential in creating adaptive and successful organizations. A limited body of evidence exists regarding the ways in which self-identified transcendental leaders implement spirituality in the workplace. Gaining additional information on the ways in which self-identified transcendental leaders and workplace spirituality are applied in organizations is valuable to enable organizations to better face the challenges of the 21st century. In this research, an exploratory approach was used to interview 10 self-identified transcendental leaders to gather insight into their means of building spiritual workplaces as well as their views on workplace spirituality. HyperRESEARCH software was used to analyze interview transcripts, and data were coded, classified and categorized based on each related research question.

The transcendental leaders interviewed valued their own growth as well as the development of their relationship with a higher power. They also expressed the desire to uplift and develop their followers, stakeholders, and society as a whole. Results indicate that self-identified transcendental leaders believe that they impact their organizations by developing their own spirituality on an ongoing basis and then applying their spiritual knowledge to the leader-follower relationship, developing desirable qualities in their employees, and overtime in their organizations. This study may provide a baseline model for other leaders seeking to build spiritual workplaces and for those looking to incorporate a different type of leadership practice."

A PDF of the full dissertation can be accessed here.

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