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Guidance for Teaching Disadvantaged Students Developed with HyperRESEARCH

Analysis using HyperRESEARCH of a 2010 research project conducted with successful Deakin University students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds, resulted in producing "Teaching students from low socioeconomic backgrounds: A brief guide for University teaching staff" by Marcia Devlin and Helen O’Shea. The Research Methodology of the study is explained in brief in the appendix of the guide:

"Interviews were held face-to-face at Burwood and Geelong Campuses and by telephone in May and June 2010. Nineteen students withdrew and a further 28 were excluded because they did not meet the study’s second criteria of low socioeconomic status; that is, being first-generation university students. This reduced the final number of participants to 53 students: 17 from Burwood Campus; 8 from Geelong Campus; 1 from Warrnambool Campus; and 27 who were studying off campus. The interviews were digitally recorded and transcribed, with student names replaced by a number. HyperRESEARCH qualitative data analysis software was used to analyse the data and to identify recurring dominant themes."

The guide offers many excellent suggestions for improving teaching to students from low socioeconomic status (low SES) backgrounds. Click here to download it in PDF format.


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