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HyperRESEARCH used in Masters Thesis on Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer

For her Masters Thesis in the Department of Education for Concordia University, Cathy Ann Goldstein, utilized HyperRESEARCH for her qualitative study on adult survivors of childhood cancer.

"Understanding the Role of Personal Transformation in Adults who have Survived Childhood Cancer" is the August 2010 thesis resulting from this study. As Cathy notes in the abstact of her thesis, "The narrative stories of transformation of childhood cancer survivors were examined in comparison to the established research in the same area. The established research that is available is based on statistical criteria, which examines the quality of life of adult survivors. Based on such criteria, the quality of life of childhood cancer survivors has indicated mixed results indicating that more research is needed to better serve the growing population of survivors. In contrast, this study sought to compare the outcome of a quality of life survey versus the individual stories of survivors. The findings suggest that the survey does not accurately reflect the quality of life of the adult survivors. Also by including narrative stories this study offers a forum for survivors by giving them a voice." The full PDF of the thesis is available online here.

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