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HyperRESEARCH used in Ph.D. Dissertation on Energy Policy and Practice

Gareth Douglas Powells of the Department of Geography at Durham University, selected HyperRESEARCH for his 2009 doctorial dissertation on "Warming Homes, Cooling the Planet: An Analysis of Socio-Techno-Economic Energy Efficiency Policy and Practice in the UK." As he notes in the dissertation, "Data analysis was performed using HyperResearch qualitative data management software in order to facilitate fast, reliable and efficient coding, cross referencing and the iterative reading and re-reading of texts and photographs."

The abstract summerizes the work. "Energy efficiency governance in the UK is a crucial component of tackling climate change as around 27% of UK carbon dioxide emissions come from homes (DEFRA, 2006). However, the UK has approximately 30,000 excess winter deaths every year (Help The Aged, 2007) and over 5 million UK households were in fuel poverty in 2008 (NEA, 2008) as a result of interactions between high energy costs, poor energy efficiency practices, problematic materialities and low incomes. These hugely important issues are made difficult to resolve as a result of the powerful and far reaching social, technical and economic relationships, flows and fixities that constitute energy networks. The thesis focuses on the challenges faced by householders in their everyday use of energy and how, in different ways, they engage with and disengage from governing agencies, and the issues of fuel poverty and climate change. It analyses how attempts to address the issues are coordinated locally, in three areas of the North of England, and in national policy arenas. In particular, attention is paid to the sometimes synergistic yet sometimes problematic outcomes that result when attempts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from homes become entangled with efforts to make energy more affordable for those vulnerable to fuel poverty."

An abstract of the dissertation can be found online here. The full dissertation may be downloaded in PDF format here.

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