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HyperRESEARCH used in Ph.D. Dissertation on a Heideggerian hermeneutical analysis of the lived experience of HIV/AIDS

Michelle Renee Reillo's 2008 dissertation at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland utilized both HyperTRANSCRIBE and HyperRESEARCH in her qualitative study on "The lived experience of HIV/AIDS: A Heideggerian hermeneutical analysis."

As Michelle notes in the abstract to her dissertation, "The purpose of this Heideggerian hermeneutical phenomenological study was to explore the lived experience of AIDS. Thirteen individuals, who were infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, ages eight to sixty, were recruited from a large metropolitan city for participation in this study. Interviews and cognitive representations were interpreted and emerging themes were presented within the Heideggerian existentials of lived time, lived relation to others, lived body, and lived space. Individuals with HIV/AIDS residing in suburban areas of the metropolitan city displayed characteristics consistent with the Heideggerian definition of authenticity: connectedness with others, presence of conscience, ability to empathize, and truthfulness in discourse. Individuals residing within the inner city were found to exhibit characteristics consistent with the Heideggerian definition of inauthenticity: disconnectedness, lack of conscience, inability to empathize, and untruthfulness in discourse. Presentation of the adult informants' lived experiences of HIV/AIDS within the four Heideggerian existentials is provided within the context of the two phenomenologically discerned groups. Future research is suggested to determine the incidence of psychopathy among children and adolescents in urban environments and actions for professional educators are proposed."

Information about the dissertation can be found here and the full PDF can be downloaded by clicking here.

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