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The intersection between race/ethnicity and caring explored using HyperRESEARCH

Rosalie Rolón-Dow of the University of Delaware has published "Critical Care: A Color(full) Analysis of Care Narratives in the Schooling Experiences of Puerto Rican Girls" in the American Educational Research Journal, Vol. 42, No. 1, pp 77-111 (2005). From the Abstract: "In this article, the author explores the intersection between race/ethnicity and caring in the educational experiences of middle school Puerto Rican girls. Critical race theory and Latino/Latina critical theory are used as data analysis frameworks because of their emphasis on the roles of race/ethnicity and racism in shaping the circumstances of individuals and institutions. The author calls for a color(full) critical care praxis that is grounded in a historical understanding of students’ lives; translates race-conscious ideological and political orientations into pedagogical approaches that benefit Latino/a students; uses caring counternarratives to provide more intimate, caring connections between teachers and the Latino communities where they work; and pays attention to caring at both the individual and institutional levels."

The author also notes in this paper that "... Hyperresearch, was helpful in coding the data, generating reports for each data code/theme, and revealing patterns of connectedness between data codes.". The article can be accessed online here.

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