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Researchware, Inc.

Simply Powerful Tools for Qualitative Research

Deliver Value To Your Customers

reseller-bigstock-36361279Powerful... Easy to Use... and Flexible.
Start re-selling Researchware tools to your customers today and offer them a pathway to faster and easier research practices.

Reseller Partners Program

Researchware welcomes all interested resellers who believe that they have a market to sell our software to; ideally people seeking to analyze qualitative data. These can be in areas such as education, market research, health care, legal, arts, literary analysis, and many more.

You know your own organization's audience. If they have any need to analyze audio, video or textual data qualitatively, our products are the easiest and most powerful out there to do just that.

About Our Reseller Partners Program

Our Reseller Partners Program offers Resellers a base 25% discount on all products for you to then resell to your own clients and customers. This discount increases with sales volume. See Discounts & Products.

How to Become a Researchware Reseller

To become a Researchware Reseller, you must have an account on our web site and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to your account or Register to create one.

Once logged in, you will see two new menu items:

  • Apply as a Reseller – you must apply for Reseller status in order to place orders and receive the reseller discount
  • Order as a Reseller – once you achieve Reseller status all orders placed will receive the 25% Reseller discount

Step 2: Apply to obtain Reseller status and then place your order, or simply place your order if you already have Reseller status.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Researchware Reseller. We appreciate your sales and efforts to promote Researchware products. Please contact us with any additional questions.