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Researchware Cofounder Conducts Study on Impact of BRCA1/2 Gene on Men and Women

Researchware Cofounder and Boston College faculty member, Dr. Sharlene Hesse-Biber is conducting a study about the lived experiences and social psychological impact of the BRCA1/2 gene mutation on men and women. Despite close to 2,000 men being diagnosed with breast cancer each year, the experience of males with breast cancer is widely unknown. This is especially true for men of color,  thus contributing to a significant gap in our sociological understanding of the disease. In a study led by Dr. Sharlene Hesse-Biber, we aim to learn more about male experiences with breast cancer and the BRCA1/2 gene mutation in order to give men a chance to voice their stories. As part of this work, a Facebook page was recently launched at

You may qualify to participate in the study if you are a male who either has:
- a family history of breast cancer and is at a high risk for the BRCA1/2 gene mutation, or
- been genetically tested for the BRCA1/2 gene mutation.
Please note, however, you do not need to have tested positive for the BRCA gene to qualify.

If you answered yes to either of these questions, we hope you will participate in our short confidential survey that asks about your experiences and pass this information along to others who you feel may fit the criteria to participate. Please click this link or paste it into your URL to read more about the study and take our 20-30 minute survey.

For questions or concerns, please call Dr. Hesse-Biber at 617.552.4139 or email

Researchware Cofounder Releases 2nd Edition

FeministResearchPrimerSage Publications has released the second edition of Researchware co-founder Dr. Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber's book Feminist Research Practice: A Primer.

This fully revised and updated edition of Feminist Research Practice: A Primer draws on the expertise of a stellar group of interdisciplinary scholars, who cover cutting-edge research methods and explore research questions related to the complex and diverse issues that deeply impact women's lives. This text offers a unique hands-on approach to research by featuring engaging and relevant exercises, as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses of feminist researchers at work. The in-depth examples cover the range of research questions that feminists engage with, including issues of gender inequality, violence against women, body image issues, and the discrimination that affects other marginalized groups.

Written in a clear, concise manner that invites students to explore and practice a wide range of research, the Second Edition offers seven new chapters that reflect the latest scholarship in the field, a stronger focus on ethics, new examples that bring concepts to life, effective learning tools, and more.

The book (ISBN: 978-1-4129-9497-2 © 2013, 442 pages) is available from Sage's web site.

New Mixed Methods Book by Researchware Cofounder

Biber MixedMethodsResearchware is pleased to announce "New Directions for Evaluation, No. 138: Mixed Methods and Credibility of Evidence in Evaluation" edited by Researchware cofounder, Dr. Sharlene Hesse-Biber and Donna M. Mertens.


Mixed methods in evaluation have the potential to enhance the credibility of evaluation and the outcomes of evaluation. This issue explores advances in understanding mixed methods in philosophical, theoretical, and methodological terms and presents specific illustrations of the application of these concepts in evaluation practice. Leading thinkers in the mixed methods evaluation community provide frameworks and strategies that are associated with improving the probability of reaching the goals of enhanced credibility for evaluations, the evidence they produce, and the actions taken as a result of the evaluation findings.


This is the 138th volume of the Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Evaluation, an official publication of the American Evaluation Association.


Available in Kindle and other e-Book formats. For more information or to order your copy, please see,descCd-buy.html.

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I find HyperTranscribe and HyperResearch intuitive oh and I LOVE that it's cross-platform... I am very happy with your product! ...I am so happy to have found a software package that allows me to start analyzing data right away rather than having to spend hours learning a software package. Cheers!


Ron J. Roy,
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